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UZI Vin extraction tool


Uzi pro VIN extraction

The VINextraction tool has been developed to assist law enforcement with extracting the electronic VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) stored in all electronic control units (ECU) fitted in all vehicles.

Cars since 1996+ have had the vinelectronically etched in some if not all of the following control units -: ENGINE, DASHBOARD, IMMOBILIZER, AIRBAG and ABS.

The reason for extracting the vinis to identify if the electronic vinstored in the car matches the hardcoded vinon the tag. Many new model cars are duplicated and spread across the country, the duplication of this car happens only on the exterior physical part of the car and not on the internal electronic parts.

Using the vinextraction tool, it is possible to detect these duplicated cars much easier as well as any rebuilt cars , rebuilt using stolen parts.

The vinextraction tool supports most cars from 1996+ and the following popular manufacturers -:

  • * VW

  • * AUDI

  • * SEAT

  • * BMW

  • * OPEL

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